A Slow Start…

Damn. How pathetic does one have to be to experience writer’s block when one is not even a writer?

It has to have been a month since I first posted my blog for what I correctly predicted to be a small and ultimately bored audience. And yet, I haven’t been able to think up even one more post for my loyal readers. Actually, that’s not true. I’ve brainstormed quite a bit of ideas to type about. Even before my initial self-depricating post, I had what I thought was a great list of concepts for me to captivate with. But still here my blog sits. With a resounding emptiness, echoed even stronger around my lone outdated post.

One might ask why, with this mess of half-baked blogpost ideas rolling around in my head, have I refused to post anything until now? Well fictional concerned reader, it’s been tougher than I imagined. There’s a certain balance I’ve tried to find for my posts, between my day-to-day inner-monologue and at least a slight public interest. But instead of a balance, it’s just been pathetic squabble that carries on incessantly, until I give up entirely on posting anything. It really has been annoying.

I created this blog as a type of outlet; a place to put some of my mind into a visually pleasing, ordered combination of words. But also with the hope people care what I have to say. Whether it be about pop culture, my opinions on a movie or music, or even something more personal I’ve posted. The hope I’m not writing just to organize my thoughts, but that some of the sentences I’ve slaved seconds, sometimes even minutes over have resonated with someone.

I’m not delusional, trust me. I know I won’t connect with everyone. Or even a lot of people. But bringing myself to post something has been more difficult than I realized it would be. I don’t want to be a man with a homemade microphone, speaking to a scarcely populated auditorium of apathetic listeners.

Everyone worries though, especially over something they work hard on or that means something, anything to them. But you can’t let worries stand in the way of accomplishing something you set out to do. You’ve got to find your way, or at least a way, to say fuck it and get past those worries. So here’s to my second post, to me finding my way, and to me getting out there and doing what I set out to do. And hopefully through this, I connected with that one reader. And to that one reader, you suck and you should read something better.

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